Pedagogy: Assignments

After analyzing digital texts students choose a public issue related to local sites. They present an argument for social change by using google maps.

Using an already established collection of objects, students practice processing, cataloging, and recording information about artifacts.

Students interview sellers and customers, consider alternative narratives, and analyze their own responses while exploring the Sweet Auburn Market.

Students create a usable guide for a walking tour using historical resources as well as information gleaned from site visits.

Students work in groups to create a digital map based on a book about Atlanta.

Students rely on primary source documents to write a narrative account of the sit-ins in downtown Atlanta.

Students write a short piece of flash fiction based on a historical artifact from Manuel’s Tavern.

Students create a short historical analysis of an artifact from Manuel’s Tavern.

After researching a local monument, students create a video essay that analyzes, and argues for or against, the values that the monument symbolized.

Students create and present a walking tour of an Atlanta neighborhood in their chosen format.

Students collect a digital recording of a religious ritual from a local religious institution.

Students research their neighborhoods by analyzing demographic data from the census, then write an essay comparing their neighborhoods to the greater metro area.