ASSIGNMENT: Guided Tour Mapping Assignment

Atlanta Since WWII


For this assignment, you will need to work in groups of four to create a guided tour of either Peachtree Street or Auburn Avenue. Each group must identify eleven or more sites of interest on their maps, and plot a path along the street that stitches them together into a coherent tour. Each point should include images – photographs you have taken yourselves and others that are historical in nature – and a paragraph or more of text describing the site and providing historical context for your topic. When complete, your project should provide a convenient guided tour of the sites you have chosen as well as a thorough explanation of how these landscapes have changed over time. In addition to text and photographs, you may also include video and audio content as well as relevant links to online resources if you think it would enhance your final product – that is to say, be as creative as possible!


Edward Adair Hatfield - History, Emory University

Edward Adair Hatfield – History, Emory University