ASSIGNMENT: Digital Mapping Multimodal Project

Digitizing Atlanta


In English 3120: Digital Writing and Publishing at Georgia State University (an undergraduate class that enrolls primarily English majors, though also Journalism, Business, and Art, among others), students begin the semester by analyzing digital texts and their multimodal style (use of 5 modes: linguistic, aural, visual, spatial, and gestural). Later in the semester, students transition from analyzers/consumers of digital texts to producers through a multimodal mapping assignment. Students have to choose locations or sites in the Atlanta area that they visit in-person and take moving or still images on location. While visiting, students are also required to “write on location” by using pen and paper or a mobile device to record their thoughts, reactions, and observations. These reflective freewrites are sometimes used in the final project as students use Google maps to locate their sites and then link out to additional multimodal content they created. I have written about this assignment in more detail in a chapter called “Write on Location: A Place-Based Approach to Mobile Composition” in the edited collection Mobile Technology and the Writing Classroom: Resources for Teachers (NCTE, 2016).



Ashley Holmes – English, Georgia State University