ASSIGNMENT: Atlanta Monuments

Atlanta Monuments


Atlanta is a quintessential global South city. Historically a terminus (the end of a railroad track or tracks), Atlanta is a magnet for migrants of many backgrounds. It is composed of many “Souths”—African, Caribbean, Central American, and South Asian—and is home to artists, entrepreneurs, activists, and seekers from all political, religious, and ideological walks of life. What, then, is Atlanta’s identity? Which histories—or whose—define Atlanta’s complex past? If cities can remember, what historical and cultural moments anchor Atlanta’s collective memory?

Your task is to select, research, and visit a key Atlanta monument, and then present to the class on that monument: why is it an apt and ideal expression of collective identity and memory for the city?; why does it need to be represented on campus?; and how would you do that work of “bringing” the monument to campus?


Ruthie Yow - Ethnography, Georgia Institute of Technology

Ruthie Yow – Ethnography, Georgia Institute of Technology