ASSIGNMENT: The American Built Environment

Field Investigation/Site Analysis – The American Built Environment


The goal of this assignment is to get you out into the local built environment, and put into practice the observational skills we have been developing in class and through readings. Carefully examine the elements of the local landscape that make up all parts of your proposed tour route. Prepare a detailed field investigation that describes the landscape of your tour site(s), and write a brief narrative and analysis of the historical layers and social organization of that built environment. The purpose of this assignment is to invite you to apply what you have learned about the history of the built environment to what you observe around you. This portion of the assignment does not require research – rather, you should use the skills and concepts you have explored during this course to compose a systematic analysis of the landscape. You are, however, encouraged to make reference to the readings and seminar discussions to ground your analysis.


Jeffrey Trask - History, Georgia State University

Jeffrey Trask – History, Georgia State University