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The ATLmaps project is an interdisciplinary mapping platform created by Emory and GSU that allows users to combine archival maps, geospatial data visualization, and user contributed multimedia location pinpoints about Atlanta. The aim is to allow users to create and stack mapping layers that help make connections based on place between seemingly unrelated sets of information.

Your students can contribute to this innovative online platform by creating multimedia layers about a topic they are learning about in class. In doing so, students learn and hone useful skills in digital documentation like archival research, geo-tagging, historical narrative composition, and urban development cataloguing.

Dr. Kathryn McClymond’s Religious Sounds Assignment documents the sounds associated with various religious communities, events, and individual practices in metropolitan Atlanta. GSU students are trained to record formal and informal religious events such as worship, holiday observances, festival celebrations, dance performances, private ritual practices, and other religious gatherings.

Take a listen to some of the student recordings on the Religious Sounds map.

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Project examples

Stadiumville maps

Religious Sounds

The Religious Sounds Map project documents the sounds associated with various religious communities, events, and individual practices in metropolitan Atlanta. Students, supervised by Dr. Kathryn McClymond at GSU, made the digital sound recordings.

African-American History in Candler Park

African-American History in Candler Park

This project combines a walking tour created by the Early Edgewood Candler Park Biracial History Project ( with one of the race maps in the Planning Atlanta project.



Using the memories of eight women from the 1970s Atlanta art scene who continue to shape arts in the city today, Julia Brock (UWG), Teresa Bramlette Reeves (KSU), and Kirstie Tepper (GSU) mapped the places important to the arts world forty years ago.

I'm from here

I’m from here

In her memoir, Hannah Palmer explores how the growing Atlanta airport erased her childhood homes. This project combines pinpoints with text from her memoir with a 1968 map of the airport.

Stadiumville maps


The Stadiumville project proposes to document the history and memory of the events and people who have shaped the neighborhoods in what is now Turner Field and the redevelopment of the area as the Atlanta Braves leave for the suburbs.