Religious Sounds

Religious Sounds


The Religious Sounds Map Project documents the sounds associated with various religious communities, events, and individual practices in metropolitan Atlanta. Under the supervision of Dr. Kathryn McClymond, GSU students are trained to record formal and informal religious events such as worship, holiday observances, festival celebrations, dance performances, private ritual practices, and other religious gatherings.  Students work with a TeachingAtlanta team member, linking sites with photos, brief written descriptions of the community hosting the event, and brief interviews with members of the community describing the recorded event. The long-term goal is to produce a sound “map” available to the public to improve understanding of religious life in metropolitan Atlanta. The map would allow individuals to click on an icon associated with a religious community in Atlanta and to listen to sounds associated with that community. Eventually, the project will link with comparable research projects in other cities throughout the United States.



Kathryn McClymond - Religious Studies, Georgia State University

Kathryn McClymond – Religious Studies, Georgia State University