About Teaching Atlanta

We provide a platform for instructors to connect with another, and to use Atlanta as a case study in their classrooms

Our Vision

This website is a resource for college and high school instructors who are interested in utilizing Atlanta and the Metro Atlanta region as a subject or a case study in their teaching. As teachers, we have found that one of the best ways to make academic work exciting for students is to connect the classroom to the community. The local lens inspires students’ excitement and curiosity, and helps them understand how their own experiences fit within a broader context.

The goal of this website is not only to connect our students to the history and culture of our city. We also hope to connect teachers to one another, across disciplines and institutions. Go to our “Pedagogy” page, and peruse the syllabi and assignments there. At our “Projects” page, you will find ongoing collaborative programs and platforms. And at our “People” page, you can learn more about our work as scholars and instructors, as well as contact information if you have further questions about curriculum.

We are always eager to bring more people into this collaborative project! If you are an instructor with something to share, please be in touch with us at brennan@gsu.edu or marnidavis@gsu.edu.

Sophia Queen

Sophia Queen