SYLLABUS: Black Mecca and black popular culture


This course is an upper level seminar that focuses on the history, politics and culture within what I call the Black New South, a subfield within the academic field of African American Studies. With an interdisciplinary approach as seen through public memorials, film, music, and literature, our focus is on the major issues involved in the study of the post civil rights African American experience, both the objective issues being analyzed in the research literature and the subjective issues of how African Americans think about their experience. The goal is to provide an opportunity to understand the issues and enter a discourse based on black thought. Our emphasis is on what you know, and not your opinions. Informed opinions must be based on understanding the issues, and that requires study of the facts and also what others believe about those facts. Informed opinions must be earned through hard work of study and investigation.



Maurice Hobson - African American Studies, Georgia State University

Maurice Hobson – African American Studies, Georgia State University