SYLLABUS: Writing About Material Culture

Writing About Material Culture


This upper level undergraduate english course emphasizes composition intended to explain, inform, and describe. The primary subject matter of this course is the material world of objects through which we move in our day to day lives. We consider why we are driven to create, use, consume, and accumulate things. The course serves as a good introduction to the sorts of questions the field of material culture studies has evolved to answer, and these are the questions we take up and examine in our reading and writing. The course includes the following projects, which are designed to engage students in the processes and rhetorical analyses involved in expository composition: a class blog, a series of very brief Twitter “essays,” a digital model and detailed textual description of an artifact, a collaborative timeline detailing the “evolution” of the objects the class has chosen to study, a multimodal object analysis, and a final portfolio.


Robin Wharton - English, Georgia State University

Robin Wharton – English, Georgia State University