Aretina Hamilton

African American Studies & Geography, Lab Atlanta


Aretina is a Human Geographer whose love of all things Atlanta has brought her back to the city and Lab Atlanta. In 2004, she left the city to pursue graduate studies and has spent a majority of her career researching, writing and teaching about Atlanta. After spending some years in higher education, she was drawn to the program because of its commitment to civic engagement with the city. As a former urban planner, she is also fascinated by the possibility of introducing students to participatory action research within diverse communities across the city.

Before joining Lab Atlanta, Aretina taught African American Studies and Geography at various universities in Ohio, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Kentucky.  As a teacher, she encourages student-centered learning initiatives. She views her classroom as a depository of knowledge where students develop critical thinking skills and apply those skills to real-world situations. Through Lab Atlanta, she plans to introduce students to the history, culture, and social geography of Atlanta.

Aretina Hamilton


  • African American Studies
  • Geography